“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As children, we were asked this by well-meaning parents, teachers, and other adults, most of whom had long since sold out on their own dreams for the sake of a paid, circumstantial making-of-a-“living”. We gave answers they described as “cute” and, as we grew older, we learned to let go of childhood fantasies and simply accept conditions in the “real world.” Many joined the living dead, and now endure what Thoreau calls “a life of quiet desperation.” Twisting the title of a popular career book, “Do What You Do, and the Monotony Will Follow.”

What if inside our cute, first answers to that million-dollar career question were the seeds of our individual essence still yearning for expression? And especially after the knockout blows that life brings, what if they could inspire us now…when we most need it? Dream Job Life helps people remember those earliest impressions — forged in the innocence of youth, devoid of pressures and responsibilities — and serves as a catalyst to bring that unique element into their current life…to give them the spark for a fresh start!

A Texan career coach and spiritual counselor encounters participants in a career rut, digs underneath the surface to the deeper issues that shut them down, and finds out their adolescent ideal of work. Then, rather than discount or rationalize it away as the world taught us, he puts them in it! These Dream Job Lifers are boot-camp immersed and mentored in the field of their first fantasy and taught how to live it. Fantasy becomes reality. They learn truths, experience challenges, incur humility, and rise in triumph. They learn to move on again.

Dream Job Life will expose the hopes and dreams of real people from all walks of life. Young and old, all races, highly skilled professionals, and entry level laborers. At a time when job losses and unemployment are still affecting every single person on the planet, this show inspires people to break through setbacks by exploring their earliest ideas to fulfill their career soul. It’s the right show for the right reasons at the right time.

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