Future Episodes

A highly intelligent, though bored, engineer gets in touch with the “rise above” essence of her first dream–to become an astronaut–and recharges her spirit through what it takes to become one.

This mild-mannered economist, spending more time with numbers than people, breaks out of his career doldrums by engaging in his first inspiration of “justice” as a police-officer.

Mixing up bits and bytes takes on a whole new flavor for this typically sequestered computer programmer who is reunited with her first “creativity” dream of being a professional chef.

How can a corporate attorney be in a career rut? Isn’t that a most exciting profession? It becomes all the more so once this in-house counsel remembers his “courageous” fantasy of becoming a fireman.

A stay-at-home mother of two expands beyond the lives of her daughters to demonstrate the “self-expression” dream she once entertained of being an entertainer and singer.

The wordsmithing expertise of this technical-writer falls short in having words to describe the exploration of his early desire for “freedom” as a pilot.

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