• Greg has been living in his cave for 4 years

  • He has done it, supposedly, all for his son

  • Greg shows Darrell his old Melrose store location

  • Darrell gets Greg to face the real issues he hasn't dealt with

  • Greg reveals that his first dream job was to be a racecar driver

  • Suited up, he steps into the world of his first fantasy

  • These NASCAR machines can go fast. REALLY fast!

  • Realizing the dream with his son in his arms

  • Dropping the beard, the complacency, and taking on life again

  • Freedom from the rut feels good!

First Episode

New Hope Film Festival
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Greg, a 35-yr old single dad, has been cooped up in his house selling off the remnants of his failed business. A devastating personal tragedy along with a tumbling economy drove him into a cave. With the thought that he was “doing it all for his son”, he was actually closing both of them off from life. Upon discovering that his first childhood inspiration was the “daring” of being a racecar driver, Darrell organizes the setting to “get him on track.” Breaking out of his fear- and regret-based complacency, Greg gets new drive for his life and career…and his son is all the happier with a happy dad.